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Empowered women get things done. That’s what our roundtables are all about. We’ve ditched the large group lectures to embrace intimate conversations, personal small group learning, and networking.

The 818 Conference is not your ordinary conference. It is designed to create momentum. Along with with an expert panel of women business owners, fellow 818 attendees will select five expert-led roundtable discussions throughout the day to elevate them in business.

818 Conference Roundtable Topics:

Google for Business - Erin Bemis, from Google, will teach attendees how to utilize Google tools to maximize your productivity. Erin will provide a deep dive into Google tools with examples and best practices, and she’ll able to answer your questions and provide you with small-group assistance. Bring your computer and have your Google account open and ready to roll!

Pinterest for Marketing – Kelley Grant, owner of Pinning Partners, is a Social media specialist, Pinterest guru, food blogger and brownie expert. This mom of three (and one of the way) might say y’all a few times because she’s from Texas, , and she knows a thing or two about Mexican food. Kelley will share with you how to pin with a strategy that will increase your website traffic for more sales and leads.

Instagram + Instagram Stories - Don’t just randomly post to Instagram; learn the very best tips, tricks, and advice from Kendall Rayburn, an Instagram Pro with more than 40,000 followers!

Facebook Advertising- Learn how to create an ad campaign and optimize your ad to reach your target audience, taught by our very own social media expert, Sommer Poquette.

Phone Photography – Steph Castelein is a travel & lifestyle blogger who has positioned herself in the Northern Michigan region as both a skilled and fun-loving photographer and videographer. Steph is going to teach you how to take the very best photos and video for your social media posts and websites using your iPhone. Capture, edit, and publish professional-quality photos and video with Steph’s help. This is a hands-on roundtable, so come prepared to capture photos, download apps, and practice what you learn.

Branding + Typography 101 – Laura Beck’s jam is branding and design and she’s here to help you learn best practices on choosing fonts, color palettes, and graphics that represent your business. Let’s play with design!

Copywriting - Create a consistent voice for your business, including social media captions that represent your brand and your penchant for proper grammar and style.

Traditional Media - Press releases, Radio, TV, Print – We’ll help you be seen and prepare you for answering questions on live television and radio. Dianne Litzenburger has been on both sides of the notepad and microphone - from asking questions to answering them. She will share her expertise about the inner workings of traditional media.

Creating Valuable Content– What should you post on social media and when? We’ll help you create a three-month social media content calendar that is relevant for your target audience and includes trending hashtags.

Startup 101 - Legal and structuring advice: Learn from someone who has been there, made mistakes, and can share with you their personal advice with tips, insights, and possible pitfalls to avoid.

Money Mindset - Pitching + pricing for your business – Charge what you’re worth, determine your value, and overcome what’s holding you back from making the money you deserve. This session will be led by Kalin Sheick, owner of Sweetwater Floral and Lavender Farm in Petoskey. She knows what it means to be self-made and how to build a business from scratch, but charge appropriate costs because, like she’s said on her Instagram stories, “Sweetwater Floral and Lavender Farm is a business, not a hobby.”

Your Personality Type Impacts Your BusinessMarcia Ward, Ph.D. and clinical psychologist with more than 20 years of experience and a passion for helping people understand themselves and overcome challenges, will help you learn more about your personality type and how this influences the decisions you make, the people you hire, and your clients. Let your personality type help you grow and conquer the world.

Employee Leadership: Jennifer Shorter, third-generation proprietor, knows all about leading a team. From making a decision to hire an employee or a contractor, or whether to hire full-time or part-time, Jennifer has decades of experience and a wealth of timely advice. Leading a multi-generational team and building them up to be leaders themselves, Jennifer is a rock star and will help you lead your team in the right direction. She’ll share her linear leadership style and provide examples of how she works with multiple ages, personality types, and scheduling needs. Now’s your chance to pick her brain on her thoughtful leadership.

Vision Boards - Manifesting your destiny: it can truly happen. This empowering session will allow you to dream, share, and most of all CREATE. Sommer Poquette and Marcia Ward promise that you’ll love every minute it of this roundtable. And if you’re a skeptic? They’ll change your mind.

Erin Bemis Girl Boss Boot Camp Keynote Speaker

Erin Bemis

, Keynote Speaker + Roundtable Educator

Erin is a national speaker, trainer and consultant. Focused on communications, digital marketing and operational success, the clients of Bemis Consulting are primarily Associations, Chambers of Commerce and large corporations. Here’s a little bit about her journey to today:

Her passion for small business stems from being raised surrounded by entrepreneurs. Post college, she entered the nonprofit sector, eventually becoming CEO of a successful Chamber of Commerce and earning consecutive titles of Michigan Chamber of Commerce of the Year. Next, she became top of the team as a Regional Development Director for Constant Contact, an email marketing company, and is currently a National Speaker for Google’s Grow with Google team.

Having educated tens of thousands of attendees, combined with over 20 years’ experience working for and with small businesses, nonprofits and associations, she has seen it all: the good, the bad, and the unmentionables too. She holds degrees in Marketing and Business Administration, along with a minor in French that she has never used.

What you really want to know about Erin is that she is a Northern Michigan native, is one of 13 children, has three sons, a husband and a mortgage. Her four main addictions in life are travelling, music, boating and bubbles.