Who is the 818 Conference for?

Women in business who are ready to take their career to the next level. We’re here to help women entrepreneurs, women working in corporate or a woman who someday dreams of owning her own business. There’s something for every woman working in business at the 818 Conference.

Is the conference for a specific industry? Do I need to own a business?

Women of all ages, all industries, and backgrounds are welcome!

What does the 818 Conference Ticket Price Include?

·      Breakfast, lunch, and the afterglow pizza party. (With cash bar from 6pm-8pm.)

·      Conference pass for full access to the expert led roundtables throughout the day.

·      Women in business luncheon panel, where experts will share their thought leadership on creating a dedicated customer.

·      818 Conference swag bag

·      A book selected by the co-founders to inspire you on your journey as a woman in business. (It’s a surprise!)

·      Closing Keynote with Erin Bemis, Google Speaker

·      Vision boarding with Marcia Dr. Marcia Ward, a psychologist who will lead you through manifesting your destiny and embracing who you are as a woman to own your future!

Is lodging included in the price of the 818 Conference Ticket?

No. You can call (231) 347-4000 to make a reservation at Stafford’s Perry Hotel. There is not a discounted rate but if you’d like other hotel suggestions, please let us know.

Is it possible for me to not pay for the afterglow party?

Good question. The ticket price includes this and cannot be separated.

Why did you change the name of the conference to the 818 Conference?

A lot of thought, time, and research went into naming the conference Girl Boss Conference. We liked what “Girl Boss” embodied. We knew that GirlBoss® was a registered trademark. What we did not realize is any use of this term, one word or two words, is not allowed in conjunction with a women’s business conference. This was our error. We understood there was a rally but saw what we were doing as different. Sophia Amoruso and her attorney did not agree, and we received a cease and desist.

It was tough to find a new name. We lost sleep. Spent hours upon hours researching. We licked our wounds and then had a few drinks and got over it. We were determined to persevere.

A good friend of Stephanie’s texted late one night “818”, and when she explained that the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote and was ratified on 8-18-1920, our search came to an end. We did our due diligence with our research, learning our lesson the first time, and put the wheels in motion to rename the conference.

The women who fought for the right to vote are true girl bosses. Our conference is now a reminder to us and to all of you, do not give up in what you believe in.  We believe in this conference.

Has anything else changed? Nope. We’re still a badass conference from women in business.